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**Please provide a brief description of your photo(s) and special sizing in the upload button.

After you upload the image/s 'SPECIAL INSTRUCTION' BOX will pop up. THIS IS REQUIRED.


++Any order without specialized sizing will be printed at purchased size with aspect ratio.Please send the highest quality images available. We can not guarantee the print quality or color matching due to screens being RGB and our printers printing in CMYK. Sublimation does not print white. Screenshots or photo's with watermarks can not be printed. Photos of t-shirts can not be printed, what you send me is exactly what I print. You must purchase the photo from the original vendor. I will not remove watermarks, this is illegal. Do not mirror images, this is done automatically.


Heat Press ONLY. Household iron will not work.**Sublimation requires even heat (400º) and medium pressure for 30 seconds up to 4 minutes depending on the substrate you are using.


Sublimation Transfers work best with 100% white Or light colored polyester fabrics. For t-shirts, most makers use tees made of at least 60% polyester which produces a vintage look. Sublimation Transfers will not work on 100% cotton


Please research how to apply sublimation transfers before using!

Custom Size


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